Lihasula Finnsheep is the only approved breeding farm in Finland that is specialized in white Finnsheep.

Sheep breeding started in Lihasula in 1992. Added six week lamb weights per ewe have been among the top three in Finland through every races since that.

We have about 120 ewes and 10 rams  from different lines. They give us nearly 300 lambs every year, most of them in autumn. Ten percent of them are used in breeding or sold to other farms inFinland. Some lambs have also been sold to Italy and US breeders have taken some sperm .

Most of our lamb meat is sold on the Helsinki market. A small part of our lambs are slaughtered for the local market.

We make our breeding choices using ultrasound scanner for measuring the back muscles of the lambs. Our goal is to develop their muscularity that way.  Other important factors we value in breeding are the health, endurance and body structure of the lambs. Special attention is paid to relation lines in order to keep the breeding base broad enough.

We have  a very heavy type of Finnsheep.  Many of our ewes weigh almost 100 kg and biggest rams  over 130 kg.

Finnsheep is our national breed and it is probably the most fertile in the world. Their libido is very strong  and they give you on the average three lambs whenever you want  all the year round, even two times a year. Its meat makes a healthy low-fat dish and its soft and curly wool has a special shine.

We have 40 hectares field. Half of it is growing grass and other half crop. We use very dry ensilage and oats in feeding our sheep. We buy only minerals, cow minerals, and some protein made of turnip rape.

Forestry is our main source of income and our forestal area is 2000 hectares.

There have been several small agricultural schools  with us during the period 1954-1992. Lihasula Farm is owned by  Vihtori Peltonen-Lihasula Foundation.

First literally known owner of the farm was Antti Heikinpoika LIHASUU  ( Meat mouth in English ). The name was given from the taxation officials , when Gustaf Wasa  made the first Taxation catalogs in 1539 . We think mr. Meat mouth liked good meat.

Contact information : See “ Yhteystiedot “.